Investment Philosophy

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The principals of Grandview have continued a consistent and time tested investment philosophy developed during their tenure at SunAmerica Investments Inc., where Robert Sydow co-managed the high yield bond portfolio.

A cornerstone of Grandview’s philosophy is that many small to mid-sized companies are not well followed and typically provide a substantial incremental yield premium related to their default risk. Many of these companies are found in niche industries where size within the industry is more important than absolute size of the company.

We target our investments in companies where we believe we have a strong proprietary information advantage which can assist us in early identification of both positive and negative trends. We employ a fundamental value-based credit approach which focuses on industry selection, company position, management team, as well as structural characteristics and protections of the individual security.

Our principals specialize in industries centered around their previous operational experience which provides us with unique industry perspective and access to independent resources. We have worked earlier in our careers in the fields of energy, banking, forest products, aerospace, mining and transportation.

Our experience managing through multiple credit cycles and focus on industry specialization has allowed us to trade opportunistically during periods of market and individual credit volatility. We believe this has enabled us to generate positive alpha for our clients over the long term.